AquaViro Boat Hull Cleaner - Barnacle Growth, Rust & Scale Remover & Cleaner

  • 1799

Non-Acid Barnacle Growth, Rust & Scale Remover & Cleaner.

AquaViro Boat Hull Cleaner is strong and effective, yet non-fuming and non-corrosive to the skin, is safe on fibreglass, gelcoat, paintwork and most metals. It is a liquid compound specially formulated using an organic salt for cleaning and removal of rust, scale, salt, yellowing, coral and barnacle bases from hulls, shafts and propellers. AquaViro Boat Hull Cleaner can be sed neat or diluted depending on the application (instructions for dilution rates are shown on bottle).

  • Apply to boat hulls, shafts, propellers etc to remove scale deposits, light rusting and general marine growth including barnacle bases
  • Excellent gelcoat restorer
  • Removes yellowing on fibreglass
  • Ideal for de-scaling and restoring holding tanks and pipework
  • Removes surface grime and oil
  • Removes dried concrete splatter
  • A Non-dangerous, non-hazardous formula

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