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Posted by Brad Kebblewhite on

Welcome to our AquaViro online store.

This is our first Blog and we are proud to announce we have made our first online sales since launching our webstore on last Friday afternoon 6th February 2015.

Let me tell you about AquaViro (Australia). AquaViro is a part of the Alfabs Group, and specialises in the wholesaling and retailing of environmentally friendly marine and leisure products and chemicals such as washing and cleaning products.

Australian owned, manufactured and distributed, the AquaViro product is the best product you can use to keep your marine and leisure craft clean without harming the environment. The range features Boat/Vehicle Wash, Hull Cleaner, Glass/Clears Cleaner, Degreaser, Stainless Prepare, Stainless Rejuvenator, Hand Sanitizor, E-Treat Holding Tank Solution, Eco-Soft Toilet Paper and more. Visit our Catalog for the full range.

AquaViro will ship your order or you can pick it up.

Stay tuned for future blogs and updates.

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